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Friday, December 11th

Ava is attending the BSC End of Season Party on Saturday, December 12th. The party begins at Araha Beach in the morning and then moves nearby to the Chatan Dome in the afternoon. This event is a way for BSC to recognize the players’ hard work and dedication, as well as the families for their sacrifices. Read more here.

End of Season Party

Practices are Canceled

Brazilian Soccer Club has canceled practices for the rest of the week due to new Covid19 restrictions in our area.

Though we are saddened, we know it was the right decision to make. We are grateful to be part of a club that takes the health and safety of its players, families, and staff, very seriously.

Practices are Canceled

Ava will continue her regular training at home while we look forward to safely getting back to practice soon! We hope for everyone’s safety and well-being during this very difficult time. Be well!

Ava Awarded MVP

Ava was awarded MVP of the Brazilian Soccer Academy U8-U9 Kids Soccer Tournament, on Saturday, December 5th.

Ava Awarded MVP

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