BSC End of Season Party

Ava is attending the BSC End of Season Party on Saturday, December 12th. The party begins at Araha Beach in the morning and then moves nearby to the Chatan Dome in the afternoon. This event is a way for BSC to recognize the players’ hard work and dedication, as well as the families for their sacrifices.

End of Season Party

At the beach, there will be a Ryukyu Beach Soccer demonstration and an official introduction of the new Coach, Marcelo Mendes. There will also be a farewell for members who are leaving Okinawa. We are very excited and curious about the Ryukyu demonstration!

After lunch, the event continues at Chatan Dome with a player gift exchange, a mini-tournament, certificate presentation, and club photo. The club will also announce tentative plans for the 2021 Winter Season. The mini-tournament is a 2v2 where a parent and player team up against another parent and player, so that should be a lot of fun!

How cool is it that a Brazilian production company was hired to record BSC in action? The company is producing a mini-documentary of the club and its history. The footage from that day will be used for the documentary. Ava is a part of that history which is super cool!

Stay tuned to Ava’s Facebook Page for (Live) videos, photos, and updates on the End of Season Party. Check out the Brazilian Soccer Club Facebook Page, as well.

In the meantime, why not check out the blog post called New Club, which is all about Ava’s first encounter with BSC?

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