Ava’s Soccer Training Program

Ava is making passes off the wall. Fall 2018

Winter Soccer Training – Off Season

Ava practices her soccer skills just about every single day for 1-2 hours, during the off season. She also does the occasional strength training (weights, pushups, pull ups etc.) at the end of soccer skill training sessions.

Soccer Dad Oz and Ava continue outdoor training, rain or shine. Thankfully it’s been a mild winter this year, with high’s in the low 70’s.  This is great since our garage has way too much stuff in it now to be used as an alternative practice space.

Training in the rain
Ava is training in the rain Nov, 2018

Drills include (but not limited to):

Soccer training isn’t just about doing drills and scrimmaging, however. Ava and Soccer Dad Oz watch video footage of her practices/games so they learn where she needs improvement and where to make changes. These improvements are often the focus of her training. They also spend time watching videos of other soccer players – for motivation, inspiration and new training ideas.

Ava’s story is just beginning. Follow her journey – she has an amazing future ahead.