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Latest News – Feb 17, 2020

The first games of the Hammerhead season began today. It was such a fun day of soccer in Wilmington. Ava made the first and only goal in her first game – Gunners (Ava) vs Foxes. She had not met her Coach before due to starting late and having team practices rained out. Because of that, she started out in defense. However, it wasn’t too long until she was moved into center mid and later scored the goal.

Then in a second game – Foxes (Ava) vs Saints, she scored 3 goals in the first 10 minutes and then 3 more throughout. In the second game, she also played defense and goalie. For more updates, go to Ava’s Facebook Page.

Soccer – Spring 2019

Local soccer club registrations have been open since early January and are now wrapping up.  All of Ava’s Lady Rockets teammates have returned to the team, which is wonderful! Ava was not registered but plans to attend some Lady Rockets practices during the month of February and will be a spectator for the first game in March.

We have scoped out clubs in Okinawa (from afar) and we are interested in having Ava play with the Okinawa Diplomats Youth Futbol Club (ODYFC) and/or the European Football Academy Okinawa (EFAO). The ODYFC is a private organization under MCCS with a Volunteer Board and coaches. However, they are unlike the usual military youth sports league in that they only play Japanese (local) teams, not other Military teams. Their season runs February to June.

The EFAO is part of the Soccer Federation for both Japan and Spain. The Director, Coach Pablo, was a professional player in Uruguay, Argentina, and Spain. He holds a UEFA-A license (highest level). The club practices 5 days a week and play games on/off-base and also compete in off-island tournaments. We just discovered this club and still have some research to do.

Edge 3 VS 3 League – Winter 2019-20

The Edge is an indoor training facility that offers youth programs in Wilmington, NC. Ava has done Day Camps and Hammerhead training in the facility in the past. We got an email about a 3 vs 3 winter league and decided to see if any of Ava’s teammates were interested in the opportunity. Sure enough, we filled the 6 player roster quite quickly. I will post the game schedule when it has becomes available. Games don’t begin until December 7th and they finish up on January 18th. Blog Post coming soon!

Recreation Soccer – Fall 2019 – Concluded

Southwest Soccer Club – U9 Lady Rockets 

The U9 Lady Rockets came in 2nd place in the ECSA Tournament on Nov 3, 2019. Follow Ava’s U9 Southwest Soccer Team on Facebook – The Lady Rockets.

Take a look at the Fall Season Highlights:

Game Stats

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Champions Rise Here Youth Soccer Clinic

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Points Reward System

Points Reward System

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