Highlights - Ava Ozurumba

Updated Jan 2, 2023 – We hope to have some new highlights in 2023. Stay tuned!

This is Ava’s compilation of highlight videos since she started recreational soccer at 5 years old (U6). More videos can also be found on her YouTube channel. What kind of content you would like to see more of? Let us know here. Also, check out Ava’s Facebook page for plenty more videos, including Lives.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any recent Highlights because the “C” word put a pause on soccer games in Okinawa. However, recreational games did start back up in September. Not sure if we will make a Highlights video with that footage but you can find many clips on Ava’s White Knights playlist (FB).

Fall Season 2019 – Southwest Lady Rockets U9

Ava’s final season playing with the Southwest Lady Rockets in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Her team was undefeated until the final game of the season tournament where they came in second. Ava scored 45 goals in all, including 5 jaw-dropping free kicks!

Fall Season 2018 – Southwest Lady Rockets U8 & New River Blue Storm U7/U8

Fall 2018 was an excellent season for the Lady Rockets under the coaching of Ava’s parents. The team won first place in the league tournament at the end of the season.

Fall 2017 Southwest Avengers U7

Spring 2017 – Southwest Avengers U6

Fall 2016 – Southwest Avengers U6

Top Ten Goals of Fall Season 2017

Follow the journey – Ava has an amazing future ahead.