Winter Soccer Training – Off-Season

Ava is currently in a 3v3 Winter League with Edge Soccer in Wilmington. There are no official team practices but there 2 games each Saturday in December through January, not including Dec 27th. Ava practices her soccer skills just about every single day for up to two hours. She trains whether it’s rain or shine, outdoor and indoor. 

Drills include (not limited to):

    • Passing – one touch, trap then pass (2 touches), pass turns (receive the ball, rotate around it on the spot, then pass), etc.
    • Free kicks
    • Shooting while receiving a pass.
    • Dribbling through cones with inside/outside of the foot.
    • Juggling – feet, knee & combination (211 is the record 01/01/2020).
    • Footwork – The Ronaldo Chop, Cruyff, Step-Over, Scoops, Scissors, Sling Shot, Boomerang, etc. 
    • Headers (with smaller, slightly deflated ball).
    • Trapping with the body ie: chest, knee, foot.
    • Fakes & Cuts.
    • Toe touches – taps, zaps, triangle, push-pull, sole rolls, etc.
    • Scrimmage
    • Positional awareness
    • Speed and agility with cones

Fitness Training

    • Various arm lifts/curls with 5-8lb dumbells.
    • Chin-ups/Pull-ups – She can do 7 of each.
    • Push-ups – 3 sets of 5.
    • Squats with 10lbs.
    • Crunches – 3 sets of 20.
    • Leg raises

Soccer training isn’t just about doing drills and scrimmaging, however. Ava and Soccer Dad Oz sometimes watch video footage of her practices/games so they learn where she needs improvement and where to make changes. They also spend time watching videos of other soccer players – for motivation, inspiration and new training ideas.

Ava’s story is just beginning. Follow her journey – she has an amazing future ahead.