Top 10: Reasons Why I Love Being A Soccer Mom

Top 10

Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Soccer Mom

Hi everyone. Happy Tuesday! Let’s get right into it, shall we? (These are in no particular order).

1. Joy

The simple joy of watching Ava become a beautiful, humble, athletic human being with sportsmanship values, I love it. Watching her grow and mature in the sport is something I will never forget. She brings me so much joy, it brings me to tears. 

2. Friendship

Making friends with parents of other soccer players. I’ve met some amazing friends throughout the soccer seasons, especially this last fall. If you’re a Soccer Mom of a 3 or 4-year-old and having difficulty making friends, let me tell you It becomes easier as the kids get older. They can communicate better and therefore they are able to beg you to let them hang out with their “soccer friends.”

Practices also increase in frequency so you get that additional time around the other parents to bond. I didn’t really start talking to other soccer parents until Ava played U6. Then with U7, I actually started hanging out with a few Soccer Moms outside of practice. We developed lasting friendships as a result.

3. Community

Being involved in a soccer community is a wonderful experience. There are many ways to help out within the soccer community. You can volunteer to coach, assist in coaching, or be a team mom. Soccer communities also provide support. One club that Ava plays with accepts gently used equipment as donations and puts them back out for those that are in need. Another Club would do food drives during their spring and summer camps for the local food bank. Clubs will often ask for volunteers for various tasks. Put yourself out there and who knows what doors will open.

Top 10: JASA
JASA Spring Camp 2018 with food donations

4. Shopping

Soccer fashion has become my passion. I love to shop around to find the most unique gear for Ava to wear. I just feel like, she stands out with talent so she should stand out in appearance as well. Check out this photo of last seasons medal ceremony below to see what I mean. The uniforms are standard but what can players wear that is different? Cleats, yes! When you look at this photo what do you notice? Everyone is wearing pink cleats except for two girls. Ava, in white, and the other is Harper who is wearing an orange pair of Ava’s like-new outgrown cleats. (I really loved that pair). 

Top 10: Standing Out
Champions and Finalists of the CAMSL Tournament Fall 2018

I’m not hating on pink because I do like it, it has just become this standard for girls to be in pink. Chidi and I want to break out of that mold. Sports stores shouldn’t only have pink for girls and green for boys. There should be more color options at the same price point. But that’s a whole other blog post for another time. Speaking of time …

5. Family Time

Ava and Lesia

Ava is trained by her hardworking Father, Chidi. He comes home from work tired and hungry, just wanting to relax but his work is not done yet. He has another couple of hours to put in with Ava. This father/daughter time is precious, though she may not always think so right now.

Love that they have this time together, that they both put in the effort to work together to accomplish mutual goals. I love that she has a father who loves her so much that everything he does is for her future and her success.

I take her to all her practices, games, and camps. (No, I don’t have a minivan … yet)! I don’t just drop her off and bail, I stay to watch and cheer her on. Coaches are not babysitters.

Soccer gives us each a unique time together. If there is one place you will always see the three of us together, it’s on the pitch (that’s a fancy word for soccer field).

6. Photographs

When the season draws to an end, it’s time to get those team photos taken. It’s just like having the school picture taken each year, you get your soccer photos done too. There’s not a whole lot to say about it, I just love getting the photos done and sending them out to family and friends. Photos save moments in time and those moments are precious. Below are the professional photos we had done in the Fall of 2018. (Click photos for better resolution).

7. Excitement

There’s nothing quite like watching your child play a team sport. The adrenaline and excitement I get from watching my daughter play is just the best thing in the world. Sitting (or standing – as we often did) on the sidelines, cheering on the team with the other parents – it’s such a hype.

8. Routine

Weekly practices give us a routine when soccer season is on. It also gives us a bit of a break from the off season routine which is mostly solo training. Ava’s on season routine consists of a practice every single weekday. Needless to say, things can get pretty hectic and exhausting by the time season end comes, but I enjoy it all the same. 

9. Learning

No matter what’s going on, there is always an opportunity to learn something new. I have learned so much over the years, I didn’t play soccer when I was young nor did I watch the games on TV. Everything I have learned has been from Chidi, Ava and just being in the soccer environment. Who knows, you might end up being a volunteer coach and there is plenty to learn from that experience. I was an assistant coach to my husband. Photos below show the girls and I doing our Lady Rockets cheer at the end of practice and flossing … I got busted for distracting the goalie, oops.

10. Pride

When Ava plays soccer, I have such a deep sense of pride in being her (Soccer) Mom. I see how she steps up to lead her teammates and when she stops mid-stride to help another player get up from a fall/trip – even if it’s an opposing player, and I am proud. When she uses her skill and creativity to push past defenders, score goal after goal after goal, I am proud. Heck, I tear up every time I watch her season highlight videos. I am just proud of all her hard work, hours of training and her strength in the face of adversity. 

There are highs and lows that come with the title of Soccer Mom but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I look forward to actively owning this title for many years to come!

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