NC Courage vs Orlando Pride

NC Courage vs Orlando Pride – September 14th

NC Courage defeated Orlando Pride with a 6-1 finish. Goal scorers included Lynn Williams, Heather O’Reilly, and Jess McDonald. 

Ava and family attended the NWSL game at Sahlen’s Stadium in Cary, NC.  It was the night where everyone got to celebrate Heather O’Reilly and her stellar career, as she recently announced her retirement from the NWSL with this season’s close.

NC Courage had a special ceremony where O’Reilly was awarded her team jersey which was encased in a beautiful frame. She signed autographs, took selfies and even gave an extremely lucky fan BOTH of the cleats on her feet!

It was also Breast Cancer Awareness night so we each got a pink ribbon to wear.

Ava, like many in attendance, desperately wanted to meet Alex Morgan but she did not play; out with an injury. We didn’t find out until about 3-4 hours before the game. It was disappointing, but this is soccer and injuries happen on the regular.

The stadium sold a record number of tickets for a season game. I think there were over 9000 people. It’s no secret that Orlando isn’t a very good team. In fact, they are in the last place, so we’re thinking many of those tickets were purchased by fans who anticipated seeing Alex.

Since then, we have learned that Alex will be out for the remainder of the season with a knee stress fracture. That’s really too bad. Get better, soon Alex!

So when’s our next visit to the stadium? It’s the end of the season and NC Courage only has one more home game on October 12th vs Sky Blue. We probably won’t go for that one, but we are hoping to attend the NWSL Playoffs on October 27th. NC Courage took the win in 2018 and have already solidified their spot in the top 4.

Check out more photos on Ava’s Facebook page.

Autographs Collected

NC Courage

Heather O’Reilly – Midfielder, #17
Sam Mewis – Midfielder, #5
Lynn Williams – Forward, #9

Orlando Pride

Kristen Edmonds – Midfielder, #12
Joanna Boyles – Midfielder, #25
Morgan Reid – Defender, #27

Women’s International Champions Cup

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