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New ClubKonnichiwa!! The Ozurumba family arrived in Okinawa, Japan on March 12, 2020 and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! Let’s get into the details about Ava’s New Club!

First we contacted two local clubs that we had previously researched. We made arrangements for Ava to try-out/practice. The next available practice ended up being with the Brazilian Soccer Club (BSC).

We relied on our Military Sponsor to take us to the BSC session because we didn’t have permits to drive in Japan yet. On our way to the practice field, the Sponsors car engine actually died on the expressway. We didn’t make it. Unfortunately, neither did the car.

The next day our family was placed on a 14 day quarantine which prevented us from attending any other sessions. (The soccer season in NC had already been suspended but was still ongoing in Okinawa). 

The Brazilian Soccer Club

Finally, after the long 14 days in a hotel room,  Ava had her practice session with the Brazilian Soccer Club. It was fantastic to see her back in her element, playing with other kids and making friends. 

We were impressed with the leadership and structure of the practice. It was hard work, but fun, with appropriate levels of praise and discipline. Practice drills were technical and challenging, both physically and mentally. Scrimmages were conducted in a fair-play manner. With the players all being older and bigger than Ava, that’s not a bad thing.

Here’s one of the videos we took during a soccer drill. You can find more videos here.

Roberto Iwashita, who is the Head Coach of BSC, has an impressive background in soccer. He was very welcoming during Ava’s first session, as were the other players. Coach Roberto is very passionate about working with Ava to help her grow and progress.

Sadly the soccer season was suspended before the next scheduled practice due to COVID19. However, we had already decided that this club would be Ava’s new soccer family. *She was officially welcomed to the club on April 10, 2020. Ava will be playing with a U9/U10 co-ed team when club soccer resumes.

What’s Next With BSC

Coach Roberto has maintained regular contact with us during the suspension of the spring season. BSC  just organized virtual training sessions for Tuesday’s and Thursdays, beginning April 28th. Stay tuned to the Facebook Page for regular updates about how those are going.

Thanks for checking in with us and we hope you are all healthy and safe during this difficult time.

*The Brazilian Soccer Club requires an agreement of loyalty and because of that, we will not be seeking out other clubs/teams. Most of you know that Ava has played with multiple teams each season, but things are going to be different here.

Brazilian Soccer Club Facebook
Brazilian Soccer Club Website

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