CASA Summer Camp Part II

casa summer soccer camp

Welcome to Part II of the 4-Part Series on the 2019 CASA Summer Camp.

This is an account of our experience on the second day of CASA Summer Camp in Holly Ridge, NC on June 18, 2019.


To be honest, it started off a bit slow. For no apparent reason, the camp didn’t kick off until about 9:20 AM. Mind you, many of the kids took it upon themselves to be active. Taking shots on goal, juggling, and/or passing with a friend, etc. Once everyone was called together, they had a pow-wow (I actually missed what was said) and then got down to business. Campers warmed up by working on some skill moves including the step over, cryuff, and the chop, etc.

casa summer soccer camp
Start of Day 2

Cone Gates

Campers had about 20 seconds to dribble the soccer ball through a set of cones, called gates. Each gate was worth a point. After each round, Coach PJ would ask, “Who got 10? Who got 15?” and so on.


Something a little different happened with the shooting training. Today, the kids got to take part in a shooting competition by age group. There was a catch, though. The ball had to hit the actual net before touching the ground. Just getting the ball in the goal wasn’t enough to advance. In the end, it came down to a shoot-out between Ava and Jax.

Zig Zag Cones

The first video is a general view of the whole camp participating in the activity. It’s a bit longer and shows all the campers doing their thing.

This video is specifically of Ava doing the Ronaldo Chop at each cone, which was a bit different than what everyone else was doing. Coach PJ was trying to push and challenge her which I think is wonderful.


Scrimmages ended kind of abruptly as the Coaches were preparing the campers for a 3v3 tournament to take place tomorrow. Ava was asked to wear a white top and was told that she was on a team with two of her friends, called the Dragons. 

Casa Summer Soccer Camp


There wasn’t really a collective send-off today. Coaches just said, “Bye, see you tomorrow” as everyone packed up and went on their way. Campers were dismissed about 15 minutes early. Understandably it was quite hot but I was hoping for a bit more, especially after a later start. Today’s session was a little bit of a letdown, mainly due to a lack of time management.

Join us tomorrow for Part III, Day 3 of CASA Soccer Camp. You can view live streams (usually between 12 -1 PM), photos, and camp videos on Ava’s Facebook Page


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