CASA Summer Camp Part IV

CASA Summer Soccer Camp

Welcome to Part IV of the 4-Part Series on the 2019 CASA Summer Camp.

Here’s what happened on the final day of CASA Summer Camp in Holly Ridge, NC on June 20, 2019.


Today was the day for relay races and similar challenges. They started off with the juggling challenge. Each team was tossed a ball and they had to juggle it without it letting it hit the ground. Ava went through three rounds before it bounced on the ground. However, her team won first place.


The relays were the most entertaining part of the entire camp. Hilarious!! Campers started out by racing through cones while dribbling a soccer ball.

Campers then completed a wheelbarrow race. This was tough for some of the younger kids at first but once they figured out how to properly hold their partners’ legs, it went much smoother.

The final relay race was the crab walk. When the kids got moving fast it was quite funny to watch. Needless to say, everyone was covered in dirt when it was over.


Once the relay races were done, everyone got to have their lunch break. Teams were tasked with making up a celebration, to be performed after the break. Ava’s team is the Hot Tamales and they are second in the video, after the Grapes. The Hot Tamales and the Grapes tied for second place. 

Camp Conclusion

Camp ended at around 12:30 PM today. Coaches gave a summary of the whole camp and then campers formed up for a photo in front of the goal. (As seen in the blog header).

It was a very active and fun day. The kids were definitely dirty and tired but they had lots of fun. These four girls (Southwest teammates) really bonded and enjoyed spending time together.

CASA Summer Soccer Camp
Great Friends & Teammates. Ava, Scottlynn, Kiara & Addison
We have the full review of CASA Summer Soccer Camp coming soon! In the meantime, please check out  Ava’s Facebook Page for photos and camp videos


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